Meet Maria Evans

February 27, 2017

by Arts Council Marketing Team

Welcome to our new series, Meet the ACP Staff! This is our way of introducing the community to the incredible individuals behind the day-to-day operations of the Arts Council of Princeton. 

Meet Maria Evans, the Arts Council of Princeton’s Artistic Director.

What is your role at the Arts Council?
ME: I’ve had many positions at the Arts Council over the years and now I serve as the Artistic Director. My first job at the Arts Council was teaching a children’s ceramics class once a week in what was then a very decrepit basement. An office position became available that spring in the office, so I interviewed with Anne Reeves and Mark Germond and was hired as part of a staff of three.

What is your career background, training, school, etc?
ME: All of my training in school and work was either in food or art: two things I know a lot about and spend a lot of time with, I’m happy to say. When I was a kid, I always told my parents that I was going to grow up to be a chef or an artist. Even then, I had a very “two-track” mind.

What is your favorite thing about working at the Arts Council?
ME: My favorite part of my position is working with artists. I head up our Artist-in-Residence program, our public art projects, and the gallery, so I am very involved with the ‘art part’ of things here at the ACP. The Arts Council will be unveiling a very exciting second Parklet mid-May that will prove to be a destination in town – it will have a lot of bells and whistles! – so stay tuned for that.

If you did not work at the ACP, what do you think would be your alternate career?
ME: Cooking soups or stews somewhere for a cafe or restaurant where the menu is always changing, or running my own art studio. A big fantasy of mine would be running my own salvage yard for artists or architects who are looking for that special item. I would excel at that one.

What is one thing about you that might surprise people?
ME: Hmmm … I’m a pretty open book … maybe that I’m really a softie deep down.

Finish these…
I can’t live without …
ME: dogs and exercise.

My favorite musician is …
ME: That’s a tough one, but I love Billie Holiday and Edith Piaf.

The one food I’d bring on a desert island is …
ME: This one is the toughest question yet…I would have to bring a wagon of grains, greens and hot sauce.

My colleagues are …
ME: very dedicated people.

Art is …
ME: everywhere….

If you have questions or comments for Maria Evans, you can reach her by email at

10 Responses to Meet Maria Evans

  1. Donna Payton

    Maria is super creative – a real visionary with materials and projects. And she is fun to be with— laughing and smiling while creating and organizing intriguing artworks and exhibitions.

  2. Helen Schrayer

    Go Maria!! ❤️

  3. Karey Maurice

    I’ve seen you around town for several years and often wondered what you do?
    I even joined the ACP for one year to check out its programs.

  4. Nelida Garcia

    I would love to meet you in person. I have been painting for years and am seeking guidance.

  5. Veronica Olivares-Weber

    The Arts Council of Princeton and, most importantly, our community is lucky to have such a great and talented person. To many of our children, Maria has been a mentor, to many of us a friend and a supportive hand. Always a pleasure working with her, she is always thinking outside the box, and all her projects, her ideas have always the ultimate goal of making the community better and bring a diverse group of people together, all while advancing and strengthening the ACP’s mission.

  6. Ellen

    Maria is a shining, superstar of the Arts Council of Princeton.

    • Alyssa

      Yay Maria!

  7. Joannie West

    Maria, I have many happy memories of working with you
    and the rest of the staff when I taught art at Community
    Park! The Arts Council was such a great partner for
    our school and the children. Your enthusiasm and creativity
    inspired all of us. I was always appreciative and still am of what
    you all provide to the community!! Nice article.

  8. Lauralee Leonard

    Maria has been the most constant arts council person in the 20 years I’ve lived in the Princeton Community. Her spirit hasn’t changed at all in that time.

    When my daughter and I were really active with the AC, Maria would address us both by name just in greeting. It made me feel so much a part of the AC.

    So glad she’s been a part of this organization for all these years.

  9. Helene Heather

    Love Maria’s positive energy & creativity!♡!♡!♡!