The Miracle That Is Cafe Improv

February 17, 2017

by Tom Florek

We like to say that every episode of Cafe Improv is a miracle. Since 1990, Cafe Improv has been a regular monthly live concert series, and since 1998, Cafe Improv has been a mainstay on the schedule of Princeton Community Television and the Arts Council of Princeton. After all of these years, Cafe Improv continues to bring exciting local music, poetry and comedy to our community.

Our all-volunteer crew loves to be part of a series that presents music that comes straight to your ears directly from the heart of the artists who write and perform it. While we all enjoy and appreciate the music presented by the giant national media companies, we strongly believe that a healthy local community requires the opportunity to experience the work of individuals who live and work locally and can share their inspired reflections in ways that are personal and relevant. Each month we are happy to be reminded of how vibrant and inspired our local community is. We invite you to join us LIVE at the Solley Theater at the Paul Robeson Center for the Arts on the fourth Saturday of each month at 7pm.

On Saturday, February 23, we will feature another great lineup with acts such as the folk music of Princeton University Professor Robert George, music-assisted poetry of Sandy Dick, pop music by Keith Monacchio, and many others. We also invite you to check out Cafe Improv on Princeton Community Television on Mondays at 8pm and Thursdays at midnight.

The newly re-designed Cafe Improv website is the place to keep up-to-date, and it is also the place where musicians can request a spot for a future show. We also just recently finished our “Best of 2016” page featuring short clips from memorable acts who appeared on the show in 2016.

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