February 10, 2017

by Sarah Donner

Well, it’s February, so you know what that means: it’s time for Cabernet Cabaret, a cabernet-infused performance in the most romantic month of the year! Each year I return to the Solley Theater with special guests for a night of live music filled with drama, romance and comedy.

This will be our fifth year performing Cabernet Cabaret. I am so excited to bring a fresh theme to the show with our Transposed! theme. In the past, we have chosen our program based on our voice parts and gender roles, but for this year’s performance, I challenged myself and the cast to pick our favorite songs that are song by characters of the opposite gender. There are so many boundaries being broken in 2017, so it’s time to step up and step out of typecasting. While we didn’t intend to bring any politics into the program, many of these songs reflect upon the current raw emotions of society. “Lost In The Wilderness”, “Children Will Listen”, and “Wheels of a Dream” are a few numbers in the program that feel so relevant at this moment. We will have plenty of fun showtunes from Gypsy and Urinetown as well to balance the evening!

I am very excited that the cast all resides locally which means we have had plenty of time to rehearse, and even choreograph (gasp!) a few songs. Mark Applegate is working hard on costumes and props. Matthew Campbell has been assisting with choreography. Rebecca Mullaney, our accompanist, has been a gem, transposing and learning songs in atypical keys for us. I am grateful to have the opportunity again to be on stage with these folks. The Solley Theater is a beautiful space that accommodates a packed house, but still allows for a stage and lights, allowing the mood to remain intimate and dramatic. The Arts Council staff is so helpful and always provide everything necessary to put on a solid show. I perform many shows every year, and this one is easily one of my favorites. I get to keep coming back and singing the songs that I am most passionate about that got me into the music business in the first place. Cabernet Cabaret: Transposed! will be the finest one yet!

This year’s Cabernet Cabaret will take place on Friday, February 17, beginning with a delicious Mediterra tapas reception at 6:30pm. The performance follows at 7:30pm. You can even purchase tickets in advance by clicking here!

See you there!

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