Vinyl & Velvet

May 8, 2018

by Dawn McClatchy

I’m thrilled to be part of Pinot to Picasso ~ Vintage 1968.

This event, titled “Vinyl & Velvet”, is inspired by the art and music scene in New York City, 50 years ago. During this time, Andy Warhol and his “Factory” were creating pop art for the masses and Velvet Underground pumped out tunes that would later be considered the birth of punk rock. At this same time, Allen Ginsberg created work that would speak for a generation.

The roots of this transformative arts scene can be traced to the lower east side of Manhattan. The “beat generation” embraced artistic expression and the rejection of conventional society. This period was an incredible time for music, visual art, film, literature and sexual liberation. We hope to embrace all these ideals – with a twist – at Pinot to Picasso on May 18th.

Join the Arts Council of Princeton to celebrate 50 fabulous years of bringing community and art together in Princeton. Learn more about Pinot to Picasso – an evening of food, drink, dance, and art – and purchase your tickets here!

Questions? Contact Courtney Brettle, Director of Development, at

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