Lisa Botalico

Artist-in-Residence, Fall 2014

Exploring the universal themes of passion, oppression and hope through original flamenco dance choreography, music and visual art imagery

The residency will explore why and how universal emotions–infused into the art of Flamenco dance by the gypsies of Southern Spain hundreds of years ago–continue to inspire new generations throughout the world to pursue its power and passion.

Dance Workshops for Children and Adults Experiencing the various elements of flamenco dance: brazeo (arm and hand movements), taconeo (footwork), palmas (rhythmic handclapping), castanets.

Art Workshop
photo (7)After the dance workshop, artist Libby Ramage will lead students in creating flamenco-inspired collages using fans, lace and fabric, while enjoying flamenco music. Art works created during the workshop will be displayed outside the Solley Theater on October 18th as part of the culminating Artist-in-Residence performance.

Why We Dance Flamenco
Public Forum: Intergenerational Dance Dialogues:

At the beginning of the residency, the community will be invited to a special gathering of dancers of all ages and backgrounds as they discuss why they, as non Spaniards study and pursue flamenco. Flamenco’s reach is now worldwide with more and more non-Spaniards pursuing the art form. As part of each dancer’s “dialogue,” the dancer will also dance a short solo which best represents their personal flamenco expression.

Final Performance:NJPACRedShawlThe culmination of the residency will be a fully-staged public performance in the Solley Theater of the original choreography, music and art works created by Libby Ramage for the residency which will encompass themes of passion, oppression and hope.

Film Documentation: The pieces created for the residency will be filmed and edited as a “dance on film” version of the performance.


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The Fire of Flamenco
Dance & Art Workshop
Saturday, September 6th, 2014, 1-3 pm
Ages: children, teens, adults
FREE & open to the public

Why We Dance Flamenco
Intergenerational Dance Dialogues
Public Forum
Sunday, September 14th, 2014, 2-3 pm
Ages: children, teens, adults
FREE & open to the public

Finding Light through the Fire
Final Flamenco & Live Art Performance
Saturday, October 18th, 2014, 7:30 pm
Ages: children, teens, adults
Tickets are $20/$15 ACP members

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Artwork by Libby Ramage