Faraz Khan, 2015 AIR

Guidelines and Application Procedure

The ACP is interested in artists with a strong commitment to experimentation and innovation, arts education, and community involvement in the arts for the Anne Reeves Artist-in-Residence Program. Artists who address social, historical, political, environmental, or other topical themes are also encouraged to apply. Resident artists are encouraged to use their residency to create new works, or complete works in progress. Your project description should describe your project and goals. Regional artists who can travel to the arts center on a daily or weekly basis are preferred. Accommodations for artists coming substantial distances are not offered at this time.

Resident artists are asked to provide an educational or community component. This may take the form of a workshop, performance, lecture, open studio, or another creative method of engaging the local community. Artists are paid for their time presenting public access programming at a rate consistent with the ACP’s other similar programs. This can range from $100 to $500 per activity depending on the nature of the event, the time invested and the number of people involved. Artists may request a stipend, travel expenses and a materials or technology allowance. This should be included with your application. Residencies are scheduled twice a year: fall/winter and spring/summer. Depending on the scope of work, residencies may be longer.

Interested artists should submit a letter of interest, project description with budget, work history, and work sample links by email to info@artscouncilofprinceton.org with “Artist-in-Residence” in the subject line. Applicants will receive a confirmation email within a week and, if selected, will be contacted at a later date.