The Arts Council of Princeton is actively seeking regional performing artists. We take pride in the quality and diversity of performances. We work to ensure that patrons enjoy an enriching and engaging experience when they attend performances in our venue or public events sponsored by the ACP in other locations. To ensure that the Program Committee makes informed decisions when booking talent, we require that you submit a proposal for review.

Types of Performers

Featured Performer: As a featured performer, you/your group would be hired by the Arts Council of Princeton for an ACP event. You may be the only performer or performing group, or you may be featured in a festival or showcase. The ACP will coordinate all publicity and promotion for the event. See Types of Performances below for further information.

Arts Council-Sponsored Performer: Often artists seek non-profit organizations to sponsor their application for a grant or fellowship that would fund a performance or workshop. The ACP works in collaborative effort with organizations and groups to provide the space and environment for the performance. If the applicant is searching for sponsorship for an event that is already planned, it is imperative that the ACP be solicited at least three to four months before the event. As collaborative event sponsors, the ACP and your organization will work together to coordinate the event and programming and any printed materials or design involved in promoting the performance.

Types of Performances

Sound Bites Concert: The ACP’s Sound Bites concert series features local and regional musicians and offers a cool vibe with an up-close and personal experience in a café style setting. The Sound Bites concert series has a total of 7 concerts in the calendar year running from March through May, and September through November. The Paul Robeson Center for the Arts’ Solley Theater seats 110 and provides an experience that is intimate and lively. The ACP’s mission of Building Community Through the Arts is exemplified in the Sound Bites concerts by featuring emerging and regionally touring musicians who are interested in bringing their art to the community. To demonstrate commitment in offering arts to the community, the ACP often couples concerts with free workshops to provide an educational element for musicians, students and music enthusiasts.

Communiversity Festival of the Arts: One of the largest cultural events in the region, Communiversity attracts over 40,000 visitors each spring.  Communiversity features 6 stages of music, over 200 artists, craftspeople and merchants from around the region.

Summer Courtyard Concerts: The ACP, in partnership with the Princeton Shopping Center, presents the Summer Courtyard Concert Series featuring the best in local and regional jazz, folk, world, rock and blues on every summer Thursday from 6-8 pm

Cultural event/Holiday performance: The ACP often presents performing arts for cultural events such as Black History Month, Day of the Dead, Chinese New Year, and Hispanic Heritage Month. The ACP also presents performances based on holidays, both traditional and and non-traditional, such as Christmas, Chanukah, Halloween and Pi Day.

Theater Production: The ACP seeks partnership in presenting theatrical performances. Please refer to “Arts Council-Sponsored Performer” for more information.

CD Release Concert: With an intimate theater, the ACP provides an excellent space option for a CD release concert and reception.

Evaluation Criteria

Professionalism: Proposals should be presented in an organized fashion. Current contact information (including website) should be included. We look for a balance of student, amateur, emerging, and professional performers. If you are not an experienced professional performing artist, please advise us as to your level of experience.

Quality: The ACP Program Committee assesses the provided materials based on artistic merit and craft, originality, and creativity. If you believe the materials provided are not the best examples of your work, please consider waiting to submit until you have an accurate representation of your abilities.

Versatility: If you or your group can teach a workshop, offer a class, or offer some other creative or educational component to supplement your program, please include this information in your submission. Arts education is a major component of the ACP’s mission; creating programs that both entertain and educate is a high priority.

Diversity: The ACP attempts to balance its performing arts programming with a range of disciplines and styles. We aim for a broad array of cultural, ethnic, geographic, stylistic, and disciplinary approaches.


Proposals must be presented in an organized fashion and include current comprehensive contact information (including website) along with the following:

      • Type of performance
      • Electronic Press Kit (EPK) or a brief bio of performer(s)
      • Proposed date of event/show
      • Event frequency (single event, multiple scheduled performances [weekly, monthly, annual])
      • Artist website
      • Links to audio/video
      • High quality image(s) of the performers
      • Requested compensation/payment
      • Marketing affiliations

Email proposals to with the subject line “Performance Proposal.” Applicants can expect a confirmation of receipt within one week. Submissions are reviewed every six months and if your proposal is selected, you will be contacted further. Due to the number of submissions, we cannot accept mailed or delivered materials.