The Arts Council of Princeton offers instructional Girl Scout badge workshops for all ages, including:

Digital Movie Maker (Cadettes)




Cost per child per Drawing, Pottery and Painting workshops are $27. These workshops are 3 hours long and include badges. Cost for the Digital Movie Maker Workshop is $50 per child, usually runs from 10 am – 5 pm in our digital studio, and is limited to 8 students. Other badge options available upon request.

The Arts Council is often able to accommodate requests for specific dates and specific topics. Please email with dates and workshops you are interested in.

For more information, please contact the Arts Council of Princeton at (609) 928-8777 or Thank you for your interest!

Girl Scouts Ceramics Workshop
Youth | Ages: 5-12
Thursdays | 10:00am-1:00pm

Mar 16

Instructor: Rebecca Graham

Purpose: When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll be able to make my own projects out of clay! Explore this workshop in five steps: 1. Find some pottery 2. Get to know clay 3. Make a simple pot 4. Make an art piece 5. Paint and glaze!

To register and for more information, please visit here.