Still haven’t cleaned out that junk drawer? Gather your family and put some of that clutter to use while learning about upcycled art-making. Follow the simple steps below and when you’re finished, place your flower in your yard or help us create a community garden by sticking your flower in the Arts Council’s front garden at 102 Witherspoon Street while you’re out on your next walk or bike ride! Watch the garden spring up as we come together as a creative community.


Suggested materials:

  • Old yardstick, paint stick or another sturdy stick you can put into the ground.
  • Small paper plates, cardstock, or recycled plastic or cardboard, cut into a circle to support your petals.
  • Playing cards, old postcards, glossy junk mail, or other waterproof paper or plastic. If you have a lot of expired gift cards or membership cards, these work well.
  • Misc. items for the flower’s center, like milk tops lids, bottle caps, large buttons, wine or champagne corks, or anything that appeals to you to make the flower center.
  • Anything you can find! Many items can be used to give your flower it’s individuality like coffee stirrers, old game pieces, pipe cleaners, wire – the possibilities are endless! No rules!
  • Scissors and glue 

Remember, spring brings showers! If you plan to leave your flower in your yard or at the Arts Council, consider making your flower water-resistant. Try using recycled plastic from milk jugs or other bottles, or old gift cards. Bottle caps are sturdy and great for the center of your flowers! When you are gluing your materials together, hot glue stands up to weather, too. Overall, just have fun! 


  1. Glue your plate or cardstock to the yardstick.
  2. Assemble your petals and glue to the plate in a circle.
  3. Select your flower center and glue it into place.
  4. Now comes the fun part of creating your flower’s personality with whatever treasures you discovered in your junk drawer.
  5. Voila! Your first flower is done. Now that you know the basic formula, make a bunch — no two are alike!  Stick them in the garden at the Arts Council while you’re out on your next walk or bike ride, and watch the community garden GROW! Or, plant them in your yard or place it in your window for people to enjoy when they walk by. Let’s make someone smile today and be apART together!
  6. Share photos/videos of your family creating your flowers and the finished products! The Arts Council would LOVE to see you at work and will feature you on our social media profiles.