The Arts Council’s scholarship program ensures that no individual will be excluded from fee-based classes and/or camp programs because of financial reasons.

  • The George Dale Scholarship Fund specifically provides children in the Witherspoon-Jackson Neighborhood with scholarships for Arts Council classes, camps, and workshops.
  • The Howard B. Waxwood Fund provides scholarships for students of all ages for classes, camps, and workshops. Howard was the son of Howard Benedict Waxwood I and was one of the first African-Americans to graduate from Princeton High School. He graduated from Rutgers University in 1926 and in 1947 became the principal of the first integrated elementary school in Princeton, which is now the John Witherspoon Middle School.
  • In 2011, the Arts Council of Princeton received a grant from the Charles Evans Foundation to establish an endowment fund, the Charles Evans Scholarship Fund, in support of scholarship awards for tuition to Princeton High School students nominated by their art teachers.

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We thank the following individuals and foundations for supporting the scholarship funds above in 2015/16: Anonymous • Timothy M. Andrews • Joan Bartl • Leigh & John Bartlett • Helena & Peter Bienstock • Charles Evans Foundation • Peggy de Wolf & James Bogart • Jess & Ted Deutsch • The Du & Vachranukunkiet Family • Dan Fatton • Cheryl & Richard Goldman • Cynthia Groya & Dr. Tilden Reeder • Fran Harrington-Dix • Veronika Hausle-Kalabacos & Eric Kalabacos • Lisa & Blake Henry • Steve Lemenager • Lisa & Jim Levine • Christine Lokhammer • Jan & John Logan • Val & Jim McKinney • Andrea & Chris Mecray • Michelle Needham • Terese Rosenthal • Margaret Sieck & Bob Baldwin • Kate & Steve Somers • Kimberly & Jeff Trent
Cindi & Bill Venizelos