Hurry Sundown by Ben Colbert

Hurry Sundown, the Arts Council of Princeton’s latest Spring Street mural completed in August of 2021, was designed by local artist Ben Colbert and features diminishing daylight, striking sunset, distant mountains, and a harvested field in Autumn. The work is part of a series based on the seasons of the year.

My paintings focus on elements in the environment to create images that project the viewer to a particular time or place. Variable bands of color represent landforms, horizon lines, waterways, and other familiar features of the traditional landscape. The hard-edged abstract “linear landscapes” often depict a distant mountain range, a mysterious morning fog, or a bright horizon at sunset. Color is used liberally to convey the atmospheric variety and creative liberation one can achieve when depicting the natural environment. White space is incorporated to give added focus to the painted area and avoid enclosing the composition in a frame. The themes are derived from my Southern roots, my travels, and real or imagined environmental experiences. My goal is to replicate the character and mood of a particular setting while focusing on elements that make it personally unique.

Ben Colbert is fulfilling a lifelong commitment to be a practicing visual artist. He holds a MFA in painting from the University of Georgia and following a career in educational administration, he is an active studio artist. His works are in many private collections and is included in various area exhibitions.

Colbert is a former board member of the Arts Council of Princeton and Princeton Community Housing. He is President of the Board of the Paul Robeson House of Princeton.

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