Thursday May 25, 2017

Abstract Collage Workshop

- $120

This one-day collage/mixed media workshop will be playful and informative for both the novice and experienced student. Working in abstract format, the workshop will begin with a demonstration of the use of collage materials, glues, and glazes. Layering and adding acrylic paints to the paper will add more dimensions. Participants will be encouraged to consider texture, tone, line, and color. Critiques of works will be on-going during different stages of progress. Students will bring at least one piece to completion by the end of the workshop. Bring as many kinds of old and new papers as you can find and Mod Podge glue. Also bring 2 or 3 canvas boards or mixed media paper to use for a background. Bring some acrylic paints and brushes and any other media of particular interest.
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