Thursday March 12, 2015

Art Talk: Hugo Navarro & Armando Sosa


Presented by the Princeton Public Library and the Arts Council of Princeton, two artists with a local connection, Armando Sosa and Hugo Navarro, exhibit their work in an shared exhibition through March 30, 2015. Sosa’s work includes brilliantly colored, hand-woven tapestries and other textiles. In his work, Sosa employs symbols and images derived from dreams and memories of traditional icons and figures, both religious and secular – some dating back to his native Mayan or pre-Columbian heritage, others to actual memories of a Central American childhood. Additional visual influences incorporated into his designs include African textiles, European Jacquard patterns and Renaissance tapestry details. Navarro, a photographer who was born in Guatemala and raised in New Jersey, will exhibit his “Fishing for a Dream” portfolio.

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