Sunday July 19, 2020

Free Virtual Watercolor Class with Princeton University Art Museum: Focus on Dry Brush and Nontraditional Materials

- Free!

The Arts Council has partnered with the Princeton University Art Museum to provide a series of watercolor-painting classes taught by artist-instructor Barbara DiLorenzo. Participants can join live from their home computers, tablets, or phones. With an emphasis on color mixing and brushwork, each week’s lesson will be inspired by works in the Museum’s collections.

In this session, we will begin by making a small series of paintings that play with adding a variety of colors into a wet area and letting gravity and water create beautiful skies. We will also learn how watercolors can actually be quite forgiving (with the right paper). We will learn how to lift colors when they get too dark; we will practice dropping wildly different colors into puddles of another color, and pushing an area from warm tones to cool tones, then back again. As long as the watercolor paper is wet, there is so much we can do!

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Image: Jane Peterson (American, 1876–1965), Graduate College, Princeton University. Charcoal and watercolor. Princeton University Art Museum. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Borchard. © Jane Peterson

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