Saturday October 22, 2016

Hot Textiles: Sculptural Forms

- $130

Create free-standing sculptural forms, vessels and relief pieces using soft materials and heat tools in this new Hot Textiles workshop. Recycled materials and man-made fibers are cut, shaped and built-up with heat guns, irons and soldering irons, layering texture, color and distressing them. Build structure with Tyvek and bondable webs, create texture with foils, synthetic organza and more, add rich color with disburse dyes, and transfer paints, creating layered paintings, vessels and free-standing forms. Dive into working both large and small. Students will end their session with knowledge of hot textile tools and materials, and samples to inform future work, as well as several great pieces (fabric collage, beads and vessels). A wonderful workshop for exploring innovative materials and tools or going to the next 3-D level. Beginner and up. A materials fee of $35.00 is paid to the instructor.

Bring a handful of plastic shopping bags of you have them and any synthetic fabric scraps you have on hand.‚Äč
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