Tuesday October 20, 2020

In Conversation with Adam Welch


The Arts Council takes great pride in our diverse community of artists, authors, and creatives of all disciplines. In Conversation is a curated series of discussions designed to celebrate and connect those who make art and those who love art! Breaking down the barriers between artist and art-appreciator, In Conversation delves into inspiration, studio practice, and artistic aspirations.


Arts Council Executive Director and nationally-acclaimed ceramic artist Adam Welch will be in conversation with Timothy M. Andrews, art collector and major supporter of the Arts Council of Princeton’s Artist-in-Residence program.

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Adam Welch is the Executive Director for the Arts Council of Princeton. Adam is an artist, critic, and educator. Adam’s art is about making and decoration. His writing examines the artists and activities of contemporary art. As an educator, Adam encourages students to inquire and create, examine worldviews and to awaken their understanding of self and the world and the relationship between the two.

Adam has participated in thirty-seven solo or group exhibitions in the United States over the past ten years, including at the Arts Council of Princeton, MoMA PS1 and White Columns in NYC, and AIR Gallery in Brooklyn, with solo exhibitions at the Hunterdon Art Museum, Kean University, Princeton Day School, and Northwestern College, and several curated, group, and invitational exhibitions throughout the United States. His art has been featured in four books including “The Best of 500 Ceramics: Celebrating a Decade in Clay” and” 500 Ceramic Sculptures: Contemporary Practice”, “Singular Works”, in the NCECA Biennial (Tampa Museum of Art) catalogue and has been reviewed in “Ceramics Art” and “Perception”, the Korean magazine “Monthly Ceramic Art”, and featured in “Ceramics Monthly”. Additionally, in the last ten years he has published forty-eight scholarly essays, reviews and catalogue essays.


Before joining the team of the Arts Council of Princeton, Adam had worked at Greenwich House Pottery since 2003. In 2007, he was appointed Assistant Director and in 2010 appointed Director. In 2010, Adam was appointed lecturer at Princeton University where he continues to teach. Adam holds a MFA from Virginia Commonwealth and a BFA with a minor in Art Education from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. He lives in Hightstown, New Jersey with his wife, Rachel, a fashion designer, and their two daughters.

My work is about bricks and how their making is a reflection on labor and art. The forming, design, documentation and intervention, explores history and material culture. Brick is an object of unlimited potential and yet it connotes little expectation – a mass-produced building block devoid of individuality. It is a thing and the thing in itself embodied with great social and cultural purpose. Brick has a long history in civilization, enduring physically longer than any building material. Its purpose and form has not changed in 7,000 years. Brick is beginning and end.

The work is performative labor. The making of brick and the subsequent constructions explore aesthetical and cultural value attached to labor and doing something for the sake of doing it. Distinct yet interrelated bodies of work emerge – repair, replace, bricked-up, and fetish. I replace the industrial with the handmade, repair with prosthetics, create theoretical constructions inspired by the Window Tax of 1696, paint bricks using the Martha Stewart Living collection, use ground up calcined animal bones, coat with gold and use them as kitsch.

This collection of objects reflect a changing view of objectivity and expression – in an effort to understand the brick, and myself, more fully.

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