Saturday April 5, 2014

Intro to Precious Metal Clay

- $195

Become an Alchemist!
Discover how to turn clay into silver jewelry and treasures! Precious Metal Clay (PMC) feels and reacts like clay, dries like clay, and when fired in a kiln becomes solid fine silver. Students in this introductory class will learn how PMC clay works and will be introduced to the techniques involved in forming, carving, firing, and polishing. The instructor (a Certified PMC Artisan) will make available a set of basic tools, and provide a synthetic gem and enough PMC3 clay to each participant to create at least two pendants and at least an additional charm, key fob, pair of buttons, or several pairs of earrings. There will be a separate materials fee which ranges depending on clay use, and starts at around $50 (depending upon silver price at that time) payable directly to the instructor. Tool kits, as well as additional clay and or/gems may be purchased from instructor as needed.
After completing this Introductory Class, please register for the progressive workshops on May 31 and June 7.

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