Saturday September 11, 2021

Opening Reception: Constant Repeating Themes by Aubrey J. Kauffman

- Free and open to the public!

Join the Arts Council of Princeton for the Opening Reception of Constant Repeating Themes by Aubrey J. Kauffman. Kauffman’s work is on view in the ACP’s Taplin Gallery through October 9, 2021. 


As a photographer, the themes of urban landscape and man’s impact on the environment have long intrigued me both artistically and intellectually. I witness this in constructions as simple as building façades in a strip mall to the deserted athletic fields in parks and playgrounds. 


Through my viewfinder I seek to contrast and compare the interactions of natural and man-made elements. I tend to seek out landscapes that speak to a certain stillness. In the buildings and structures that I photograph, I emphasize their architectural quality in the space that they exist. Geometry, shadow and light play major roles in my image making. I consider my work to be informed by traditional landscape. My interpretation reflects a sense of solitude that I wish to convey on to the viewer.

– Aubrey J. Kauffman




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