Saturday September 26, 2015

Photo: ACP & Watershed

- $135

Come and discover the power of your camera and learn the elements of good artistic composition during a photo shoot at Stony Brook – Millstone Watershed in Pennington on Day 1 of this weekend workshop.  Day 2 will be spent in ACP’s Digital Studio gaining a better understanding of how to work with software, moving from the newly formed images on the monitor to the realization of a print ready digital image file.

DAY 1: Saturday, September 26 at 1-4pm at Stony Brook – Millstone Watershed
[31 Titus Mill Road in Pennington]
Participants will have ample time to explore the grounds to capture images, talk about photography and answer individual questions. Instruction will be given in the basic elements of good photographic composition, including leading lines, pattern, symmetry, rule of thirds, texture, and framing. Along the way students will be guided through shooting manually using ISO’s, Shutter Speeds, f-Stops, and Depth of Field, among other topics. The intent of the workshop is for participants to have fun, while becoming more comfortable with the operation of their cameras and their abilities to express themselves through it.  Please dress appropriately for the weather and comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Rain or shine!
DAY 2: Sunday, September 27 at 10am-1pm at the Arts Council of Princeton
[102 Witherspoon Street in Princeton]
The intent of this follow-up session is to give the student a methodology for working effectively with the software side of digital photography, moving from the newly formed images on the monitor to the realization of a print ready digital image file. While working in ACP’s Digital Imaging Lab, Bill will guide students through the basics of digital image “Work Flow”, starting with Lightroom’s Library module to organizing images, entering Meta Data, Key Words, copyright information, as well as renaming of image files. Image correcting will occur in Lightroom’s Develop module, covering, Color Space settings, Color Management, and the basics of good “Non-Destructive Image Construction”.

Registration is exclusively through the Arts Council of Princeton; for more information and to register, please visit or call 609-924-8777.  For more information about Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association, visit
Membership rate applies to current members of either organization.

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