Saturday September 27, 2014

Rothko: Monotype Prints

- $115

Students in this 1-day workshop will take an in-depth look at Mark Rothko’s expressive paintings and those by other contemporary and abstract artists featured in the current exhibition at the Princeton University Art Museum. Those who are interested are urged to view the exhibition currently on display at the Princeton University Art Museum (see excerpt below). Using the brilliant colors, transparency, and luminosity of Rothko’s work and those of the other exhibited artists as reference, participants will create their interpretations through monotype printmaking. Monotype is a perfect vehicle to explore this master’s approach due to the immediacy with which finished art can be turned out and the rich color choices available in the Akua Kolor line of Professional Printmaking Inks. Cost for supplies is $20 and will be paid directly to the instructor.

Regarding Rothko’s work at the Museum:  “Works such as No. 3/No. 13 rely in large part on the orchestration of hue – as well as value, contrast, transparency, saturation and luminosity – for their visual impact. Almost all of Rothko’s attention was focused on the surface of his paintings – more specifically, on creating surfaces with considerable expressive power”.  [Source: Princeton University Art Museum website]

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