Saturday January 17, 2015

Wildflowers/Weeds: Watershed

- $65

As the vitality of summer flora and the colors of fall fade, leaving behind the dry skeletons of what once was, we celebrate the endless variety of structures and the fascinating shapes and textures of the weeds of winter. Join a Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed naturalist on an exploratory walking tour, followed by a drawing workshop led by Arts Council of Princeton Botanical Illustrator Ruth Councell. This exciting workshop will treat students to an illuminating look at last season’s wildflowers.
During a brisk 45 minutes morning walk on the Watershed Reserve trails, the naturalist will introduce a wide variety of plants, sharing their natural history while offering identification tips. Participants will also collect specimens during the walk for later use in the studio.
After lunch (please remember to bring a sack lunch; hot beverages will be provided), the group will spend time with specimens gathered in the morning, studying and sketching them under Ruth’s guidance. Then, as time permits, students will develop a finished piece based on one or more sketches. Topics such as tonal values, light on form, composition, and techniques for achieving various textures will be covered, with ample one-on-one support offered between instructor and student.

Participants should come dressed for wintery weather on the trails.
Registration is exclusively through the Arts Council of Princeton; for more information and to register, please visit For more information about Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association, visit
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