Re:Member Annual Members Show 2011

September 10 - September 30

How do we remember significant events and how do we interpret them through art?

Re:Member asks how do we remember significant events and how do we interpret them through art? The tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001 occurs during the run of this exhibition, however, the Re:Member theme is designed to be much broader than a remembrance of the tragic events of that day. Arts Council of Princeton member artists were invited to submit work that addresses the many ways we remember and interpret significant events in our lives. The artistic interpretations in this exhibition range from pure emotional expression to literal documentation.


Re:Member is presented in conjunction with the community-wide collaboration “Memory and the Work of Art,” a yearlong investigation into the arts and cultural memory. Princeton University Art Museum, the Arts Council of Princeton, the Lewis Center for the Arts, the Princeton Public Library, McCarter Theatre, Bernstein Gallery, and many others worked collectively to organize this project. The broader aim is to explore how the arts shape our collective memory of the past, and how art deciphers loss and informs our experience of global events.

Arts Council of Princeton membership exhibitions are designed to be inclusive so that any artist, who is a current member of the Arts Council, can participate. To ensure that the exhibition is as democratically organized as possible and that there is no hierarchy, a grid format was used and the artwork is arranged in alphabetical order. The grid assures that no artworks are significantly larger than any others and that there is no advantage as to placement in the gallery for one artist over another. Blue painters’ tape was used to further underscore the egalitarian philosophy of the exhibition.

Annual Members Exhibition

More Exhibitions

Sculpture by Patrick Strzelec

On view on the Graves Terrace.

The Uncommon Common Place

Photographer Oleg Moiseyenko on view on the renovated second floor of the Princeton Public Library.

Nassau Hall to Hoagie Haven: Princeton Paintings by James McPhillips

“Having worked for McCarter Theatre, I gained an appreciation for Princeton’s people, architecture, university and businesses. All of which have been natural inspiration for my paintings and even my graphic work like the Prince-TON art. After McCarter, I partnered with jane shop (7 Spring St.) to showcase my Princeton work and beyond (currently a Paris series). I am grateful, honored and thrilled that Arts Council of Princeton and The Princeton Public Library asked me to share these pieces for the launch of the second floor

Shared Energies: Cells, Stars, and the Fluidity Between

  Shared Energies: Cells, Stars and the Fluidity Between is a collaborative residency project between New York City-based artist Fiona Chinkan and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia-based artist Maria Doering. Having known each other for more than 14 years, Fiona and Maria will be reunited in the studio to continue work on their collaborative drawing project in the Taplin Gallery between April 7th and May 7th, 2017. Read more about the Residency here. Join us for an Opening Reception on Saturday, May 6 from 3-5pm.

Donor Wheel

More than 2,000 donors are acknowledged in this one-of-a-kind sculpture by Joshua Kirsch

Neighborhood Portrait

The Neighborhood Portrait Quilt is part of a permanent exhibition that tells a story of important leaders and residents.