Beyond Function Ann Agee, Jill Allen, Rebecca Chappell, Shellie Jacobson, Jim Jansma and Adam Welch

April 26 - June 6

Taplin Gallery | An exhibition of…

ceramic work by artists whose work references utilitarian traditions while expressing entirely new formal purposes. Visitors can expect unconventional and imaginative works from six accomplished artists. Curated by Madelaine Shellaby, Beyond Function, will be on view in ACP’s Taplin Gallery from April 26 – June 6, 2015, with an Opening Reception on Saturday, May 9 from 3 – 5pm.

Muchoo Jim Jansma

Shokichi, 2014
Jim Jansma

Fruit Bridge Rebecca Chapelle

Basket, 2015
Rebecca Chappell

Martha's Shiner Adam Welch

Martha’s Shiner, 2012
Adam Welch

Stele 1 Shellie Jacobson

Desert Series IV: Stele, 2015
Shellie Jacobson

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