Light Painting Eva Flatscher

June 1 - August 31

Princeton Public Library | Eva Flatscher’s Light Painting performances are unique and once-in-a-lifetime experiences

Flatscher2Eva Flatscher’s Light Painting pieces were drafted during live performances, but finished in a meticulous process of refinement and detailed elaboration at her studio in Princeton, NJ. Flatscher is a Viennese painter and performer working in an avant-garde combination of painting, dance and music known as ‘Light Painting’. In a Light Painting performance nothing is reproduced; the artwork is created live and for the present moment. Each Light Painting performance is unique and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When the performance is over, Flatscher captures the artwork that has been created; when the dance comes to a standstill and the music fades, she converts the resulting images into a series of paintings. Flatscher performs frequently with outstanding musicians from differing backgrounds—classical, jazz, and new music—and with renowned dancers throughout Europe and the US. Flatscher uses light instead of paint, a grip pen instead of a brush. It is a digital performance that has roots in the Dutch masters of the 17th Century. For more information, please visit

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