Photography by Larry Parsons

June 6 - September 15

Often I am asked how long I have been doing photography. The quick answer is about 40 years. To start, my wife, Jean, encouraged me to pursue photography since I already liked it. For a Christmas present she gave me a photo / darkroom course offered by Bob Denby at Princeton Day School. The bug bit me and I have been doing it ever since.

Working in the finance field for a career, I had little time to do as much photo work as I wanted. For many years, I still managed to stay up half the night printing images in my dark room. When the photo industry produced a photo printer that made prints as good as or better that I could do in the darkroom, I switched from film to digital.

When I retired from the world of investments in 2010, I was invited to join Gallery 14 as a member. At that point I could devote as much time to photography as I wanted. To create a show, I learned to think in portfolio concepts because as a member of the Gallery I had to hang shows at least once a year. That meant producing 20 to 30 images all on one subject or an artistic concept. The Images here were part of a Gallery 14 show in 2013.

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