Songbirds, Shorebirds, Migratory Routes Susan Hoenig

September 10 - January 3

Princeton Public Library | I feel the fragility and plight of a bird’s life that is so vulnerable, so exquisitely beautiful.

In my paintings I explore the union between my inner self and the birds that I observe. I feel the fragility and plight of a bird’s life that is so vulnerable, so exquisitely beautiful. In nature I study their profile, the shape of the head, the bill and markings. I become one with the bird, then I paint their portrait. The body encompasses the circle, at the center a luminous quality of color interplays with the form. The designs create a self-reflective movement. On some of the bird’s backs I have painted their migratory routes. This very personal experience integrates a sad truth of a life interrupted. Through painting I create a new wholeness, a metamorphosis of form.

Susan Hoenig teaches at the Arts Council of Princeton and works at the Featherbed Lane Bird Banding Station in the Sourland Mountains of New Jersey.

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