Drawing and Mixed Media Exhibition Susan MacQueen & Hannah Fink

September 17 - January 2

Susan MacQueen

Susan MacQueen explores themes of community and individuality through the creation of images of sheep, which she sculpts, paints, or draws.


Hannah Fink works with a variety of found objects and recycled materials, forming garments that are often either enormous or diminutive in size. These objects hang from the ceiling, attach to the wall or are freestanding, with highly textured, nuanced surfaces that appear to be well-worn relics from a distant past.

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If you’re like us, all you want right now is to see 2020 in the rearview mirror. Virus, politics, environmental chaos, lanternflies … there’s no doubt that it’s been a time of great anxiety and stress. During it all, making art has brought us together and kept us engaged in an otherwise isolated time. Whether you posted a doodle a day, experimented with clay, or mastered the color mixing of oil paints, art proved to be a powerful weapon in combating loneliness and inspiring self

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More than 2,000 donors are acknowledged in this one-of-a-kind sculpture by Joshua Kirsch

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