The Shape of Color Walter Frank

September 29 - November 17

The Arts Council of Princeton presents The Shape of Color: Photographs by Walter Frank in the Solley Lobby Gallery. Join us for an Opening Reception on Saturday, October 6 from 3-5pm.


“In 1970, I purchased a Honeywell Pentax 35m camera not long after arriving in San Francisco as a newly minted attorney. My sojourn in California lasted 4 years; Roughly 31 years later I finally bid farewell to my loyal friend and entered the digital age.

All the framed pictures in this exhibit were taken with various iterations of the Panasonic Lumix Digital Camera, its main virtues being a superb Leica lens and unobtrusive size that allowed me to take it anywhere and use it or not as I pleased. These images have not been photo-shopped.  The colors you see are what I saw or, more accurately, what the camera saw.

My father was a gifted commercial artist who, among other things, drew Captain Midnight and Gabby Hayes comics. I inherited quite literally not an iota of his talent. Even my stick figures draw puzzled looks. So photography for me has been the default option for expressing myself however indirectly in a visual manner.

I had originally thought of calling this exhibit, Things You Might Not Notice.  For me, the fun of photography is trying to see things from a slightly different angle. The camera’s great gift is its capacity to isolate and capture what you think you see. Sometimes the camera says, ‘What exactly were you thinking?’ Occasionally, however, it says, ‘Not bad.'”

-Walter Frank


Photography by Walter Frank

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