Waves and Ripples Ting Ting Hsu, Livia Mosanu

June 1 - June 29

This project is a celebration of water and a metaphor for life and human emotions.

“This project is a celebration of water and a metaphor for life and human emotions. Water is tumultuous, mysterious and beautiful. Just like life, it comes in big unexpected waves and gentle calming ripples. We seek to capture these qualities on canvas and invite our viewers to take a moment and reflect on our connection with this vital natural resource. The exhibition also aims to foster a dialog regarding water as the quintessential component of life.
The show is a collaboration effort between two local female artists who share many similar life experiences. These experiences reflect in our art, our interaction with the environment and our community. Both of us are born and raised outside of the United States (across oceans). Water for us represents a large traveling distance and alludes to life changing journeys. We are both mothers and associate water with birth, for it is life giving and sustaining.
We are also both MFA graduates from the New York Academy of Art, a school that teaches traditional skills and contemporary practices. We paint realistic water from a contemporary point of view. Not only are we investigating the above but also that which lies beneath the surface. Thus, we capture the nuanced and mysterious ways of water and its transcendental quality.”

-Ting Ting Hsu & Livia Mosanu


Ting Ting Hsu utilizes her paintings to explore the surroundings around her and to find profound meaning in each subject’s own existence in the world. Often portraying the beauty that is commonly overlooked in daily objects and sceneries around her, she is able to capture dramatic emotions from the simplicity in her subjects. She takes the beauty in those briefest moments and puts them down on canvas to preserve the emotions of that moment forever. To capture the powerful emotions rather than just simply putting down what one would deem too ordinary, she works on each motif repeatedly to find new challenges and extrapolate new insights in each attempt. Negative space and lighting are two elements that she uses to create the compositions in her work. Lighting and the shadows it casts are often the main element—they define the subject while creating endless interpretations of each setting. Through all aspects of light, the way it falls, moves, changes, and colors the object it shines on, her inspiration blossoms.


Ting Ting’s work has been shown at various art shows throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California. Her painting has won Best Show Award at the 2017 GSWS Members Exhibition and 2015-2016 NYAA Academy Scholar Award. She went on to earn her M.F.A. from the New York Academy of Art. Also, She is committed to provide opportunities and nurture creativity for young people through her York fine arts in Bridgewater and Princeton, NJ.


Livia Mosanu ​is currently working on a series of large scale oil paintings in which she explores the connection between us and our surrounding bodies of water, in particular the Atlantic Ocean. Her work is inspired by unusual and meaningful rhythms that she finds in the water as well as her artistic imagination. These designs or compositions are meant to engage the viewers on a deeper level and allude to the mystery of the water and to the mystery of life itself.

A recent MFA graduate from the New York Academy of Art she is influenced by contemporary artists such as April Gornik and Gerhard Richter as well as the Romantic artists of the 1800s. Her works are on exhibit in NYC and NJ and in many private collections worldwide. She is a finalist in the 8th​ International Painting Annual published by Manifest Gallery and a recipient of grant awards from the New York Academy of Art and the Art Students League. A native of Bucharest, Romania, she currently resides in Princeton New Jersey.

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