The Arts Council of Princeton is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. In addition to serving as a legal entity, the Board of Trustees brings community representation to the organization. Board members represent diverse segments of the community through their occupations, geographic locations, experience, and backgrounds. In turn, our board members represent the ACP within the community and are stewards of the organization’s mission, goals, policies, and finances.

Advisory Board members are leaders in the community, providing feedback on how we are doing and how we can continue to serve the community. Advisory Board members also serve as ambassadors from the Arts Council into the community, helping to communicate news of exciting programming and events.


Jim Levine, President 
Julia Gilbert, Vice President
Sarah Collum-Hatfield, Secretary 
Edward Stelmakh, Treasurer

Ted Deutsch, Executive Committee Member at Large
William Harla, Executive Committee Member at Large
Jeniah “Kookie” Johnson, Executive Committee Member at Large
Chris Mecray, Executive Committee Member at Large


Jennifer Caputo
Ben Colbert
Hope Cotter
Maria Dominguez
Michele Kolb
Sherry E. MacLean
James McCormick
Dawn McClatchy
Nancy Northrop
Veronica Olivares-Weber
Rhinold Ponder
Amrit Walia
Marlyn Zucosky

Taneshia Nash Laird Executive Director
Anne Reeves, Founding Director


Tim Andrews
Kathleen Bagley
Leigh Bartlett
Craig Battle
Peter Bienstock
James Burke
Barbie Cole
Jamie Herring
Claire Jacobus
Leslie Kuenne
Casey Lambert
Wendy Mager
Lori Martin
David McAlpin
Anne O’Neill
Jacqueline Phares
John Rassweiler
Nancy Robins
Deborah Sands-Gartenberg
Judith Scheide
Anne VanLent