Circle of Friends
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What is the Circle of Friends?

The Circle of Friends, founded in December 1996, is the Arts Council of Princeton’s Board recognized Special Events Committee. Circle members meet in a social setting twice a year in early winter and late spring. Ad hoc event committees usually form from these gatherings. However, attending a Circle meeting does not obligate an individual to join an upcoming event committee. Conversely, you needn’t attend the meeting to be listed on a committee.

Most Circle members help with fundraising efforts, but many prefer to participate in community events and/or other volunteer capacities. The Circle is also a helpful advisory committee for the Arts Council promoting its mission of Building Community Through the Arts and giving valuable feedback to members of the Staff and Board of Trustees.

Joining the Circle is through invitation from a current member. The only monetary expectation is having a current ACP membership. Communication is primarily done through email. A response is always appreciated, even if a one is unable to participate at the given time.

There is no term limit. However, if two full years goes by without some sort of volunteer participation on the part of an individual, it will be assumed that the individual is no longer interested in remaining on the committee. Re-entry is available at anytime.

The Arts Council’s primary expectation of a member of the Circle of Friends is to be just that, a friend, someone who enjoys all that the Arts Council brings to the community and encourages family, friends and newcomers to take classes and attend events.

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