Circle of Friends

The Circle of Friends, founded in December 2006, is the Arts Council of Princeton’s Board-recognized special events volunteer and advisory committee. Over 100 members dedicate time and energy to help the Arts Council realize its mission of Building Community through the Arts. Special events include, but are not limited to, the annual fall fundraiser, Dining by Design, the annual spring fundraiser, Pinot to Picasso, and the spring community arts festival, Communiversity. Other non-annual special events may also be planned from time to time. New members are invited to join by invitation from a current member. Attendance at the bi-annual meetings is strongly encouraged, and membership to the Arts Council is mandatory. There is no term limit for Circle members. However, if a full year goes by without some sort of volunteer participation on the part of an individual, it will be assumed that that individual is no longer interested in remaining a Circle member. Re-entry is available at any time. The Arts Council’s primary expectation of a member of the Circle of Friends is to be just that: a friend, willing and able to go out into the community and speak highly of the Arts Council, encouraging family, friends and newcomers to the community, to attend its events, participate in its programs, and join its membership. For more information contact: Julia Gilbert, Development Co-Chair, (415) 637-7878

Jayshlyn Acevedo
Deborah Agnew
Kathleen Bagley
Sue Bannon
Leigh Bartlett
Elizabeth Beers
Cindy Besselaar
Peter Bienstock
Kathleen Biggins
Marianna Boguchi
Sandy Bonasera
Sue Bowen
Kim Bozeman
Robin Broomer
Veronica Bryant
Marie Burns
Leslie Campbell
Jen Caputo
Wendell Collins
Mary Dampier
Isabella de la Housseye
Ellie Deardorff
Milena DeLuca
Mira DeMartino
Jess Deutsch
Ted Deutsch
Nancy Difazio
Jim Doherty
Mara Franceschi
Mark Germond
Julia Gilbert
Tania Gindilis
Sophie Glovier
Cheryl Goldman
Joanna Gordon
Kristin Gray
Darren Greenblatt
Cynthia Groya
Ilana Gutierrez
Kirsten Haley

Victoria Hamilton
Sarah Hatfield
Veronika Hausle-Kalabacos
Kathy Herring
Andrea Honore
Pamela Horowitz
Samuel Hunt
Jane Hynes
Kookie Johnson
Joyce Johnson
Liz Kaman
Kimberly Kaye Fried
Judy King
Melissa Klepacki
Jessica Koehler
Michele Kolb
Leslie Kuenne
Jonathan Lea
Mariesa Lea
Courtney Lederer
Lisa Levine
Deborrah Lindsay
Merrill Long
Sherry MacLean
Scotia MacRae
Wendy Mager
Kathleen Mandzij
Shazia Manekia
Harper McArthur
Jill McArthur
Dawn S. McClatchy
Robin McConaughy
Andrea Mecray
Anne Miner
Dana Molina
Alberto Molina
Kate Morgan
Jeff Nathanson
Amanda Nicol
Nancy Northrop
Ashling O’Brien

Arti Patel
Tara Peddar
Leslie Pell
Kerry Perretta
Sandra Piva
Kathleen Preziosi
Amy Price
Emily K. Reeves
Anne Reeves
Robin Resch
Dina Riad
Robin Robinson
Susan Romeo
Elisa Rosen
Tricia Rosenthal
Christina Rowntree
Delphine Salzedo
Judy Scheide
Caroline Scriven
Gabrielle Shamsey
Curry Simmel
Yamile Slebi
Anne Slonaker
Stephanie Sprague
Nina Stelmakh
Elana Sulla
Bainy Suri
James Taylor
Kristen Thompson
Regan Tuder
Wendy Vasquez
Cindi Venizelos
Elizabeth Wasch
Maureen Westerman
Karen Wilkinson
Andrew Wilkinson
Elizabeth Wislar
Aleta Wolfe
Jennifer Wolffert
Marlyn Zucosky