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Inspired by Optimism

Taplin Gallery - Arts Council of Princeton Princeton

C.a Shofed & Jane Zamost

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 8 | 3-5pm

In the making of this exhibit, we began to explore what optimism looks like … its color, value, image and movement.  Does it exist during life’s positive moments or perhaps, the most challenging?  


Solley Lobby – Arts Council of Princeton Princeton

I let light tell its stories.


Installation: Interaural Space

Arts Council of Princeton Princeton

Grace Villamil ON VIEW: MAIN LOBBY My art is driven by my interest in perception, our interconnected nature and the shared experience. Through the synthesis of sound, light, environment and material, I explore an idea of mysticism: the boundaries of humanity and the uncertainty beyond...


The Witherspoon-Jackson Neighborhood by Romus Broadway

Witherspoon-Jackson Neighborhood Princeton

ON VIEW THROUGH MAY 2023 An important portion of the rich history of Princeton’s Historic Witherspoon-Jackson Neighborhood resides in the memories and family stories of many of its residents. Recognizing the importance of preserving and documenting these recollections, the Arts Council of Princeton announces a...