Workshop: What Makes You Special?

Arts Council of Princeton Princeton, NJ

You will walk away from this experience feeling proud, confident, and unique.


What Remains

"I suffered a serious concussion in the spring of 2017. Alice fell down a rabbit hole; I just fell on the floor."

May You Be Happy

Taplin Gallery - Arts Council of Princeton Princeton, NJ

Dual exhibition by Jon Sarkin and Hannah Fink, whose work will not only make you think, but make you smile.


Our Creative Voices

Solley Lobby – Arts Council of Princeton Princeton, NJ

Every work of art, just like every artist, expresses something different.


Sauce for the Goose Outdoor Art Market

This one-day market is a unique opportunity to purchase handmade gifts directly from local artisans and crafters working in ceramics, textiles, jewelry, fine art, and more. Find one-of-a-kind gifts all while supporting the creatives living and working in your community! Learn more.

Ancestral Communal Listening Experience

Solley Theater - Arts Council of Princeton Princeton, NJ

This special event invites all to come together and recenter through the collective healing, love, and nutritional uplift that’s embedded in Black roots music.