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Saturday, August 1

Botanical Paper: Morven

- $130

Artists will become immersed while creating beautiful paper overlooking the gardens at Morven. The focus of this workshop is to make handmade paper with botanical materials collected on the grounds at Morven. Students will learn how to form paper sheets using wet beaten pulp made from abaca. Abaca is a form of plant fiber that is very similar to the banana plant. It is the “Western” Japanese paper. It has a translucent quality and is very strong. Papermakers will come away with a stack of beautiful creamy off-white paper embedded with botanicals or plain for other uses. Comfortable shoes and clothing should be worn. Please bring a bin or large tray for transporting paper home. Participants are welcome to bring along any pressed flowers or dried leaves on hand. A materials fee of $20.00 will be paid directly to the instructor.
Please note this workshop takes place at Morven [55 Stockton Street in Princeton].
Registration is exclusively through the Arts Council of Princeton; for more information and to register, please visit www.artscouncilofprinceton.org. For more information on Morven Museum & Garden, visit http://historicmorven.org/. Member rates apply to current members of either organization.
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Butterflies: Watershed

- $30

Join local artist and ACP instructor Susan Hoenig in a one-day workshop inspired by some of the Watershed’s many “residents”. Students will look at examples of many beautiful butterflies from around the world. They will be treated to a reading from “Cocoon and the Butterfly”. Children will then use liquid watercolors to paint their own butterflies on special paper. These will be attached to a stick so they can be waved in the air as though they are flying. They will also use oil pastels to draw butterflies or moths. What a wonderful way to great ready for the Butterfly Festival on August 8th!

This workshop is part of ACP’s Saturday Sampler for kids at the Watershed (Water, Webs & Wings!). Register for one, two, three, or all four (for the most fun!). Art classes meet in the Watershed Center of Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association. The Watershed Center is the new LEED platinum environmental center of the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association. Located on the Watershed Reserve in Hopewell Township, the center showcases sustainable energy features such as a green roof, geothermal heating and cooling and an innovative wastewater wetland.
Registration is exclusively through the Arts Council of Princeton; for more information and to register, please visit www.artscouncilofprinceton.org or call 609-924-8777. For more information about Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association, visit www.thewatershed.org.
Membership rate applies to current members of either organization.

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Sunday, August 2

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Thursday, August 6

Aerial Photograph


As part of the Summer Courtyard Concert Series at the Princeton Shopping Center, Aerial Photograph is an exciting and captivating band that consists of a string quartet, clarinet, tenor saxophone, trumpet, guitar, bass, drums, and pre-recorded audio. Much of Aerial Photograph’s original repertoire is inspired by the cultural pluralism that is both unique and fundamental to American society. The process of composing for this group begins with communication: band leader Matt Davis focuses on a specific community and has informal conversations with its various members about subjects including identity, their past experiences, their hopes, and how they view themselves within society. These conversations are recorded and then woven into compositions which endeavor to express the feelings and emotions which are conveyed through these communications, but which also draw from the deep American musical traditions of jazz, blues and popular song. Aerial Photograph’s music has been informed by this process with communities such as senior citizens, recovering drug addicts, immigrants, children in under-served areas, religious individuals, community volunteers, homeless people, teachers, victims of violent crime, caregivers, veterans, incarcerated adults, artists and musicians. The compositions, which arise from this process, give voice to a deeper understanding of the complexities of the modern world. This music gives both audiences and students the opportunity to experience different groups of people, about whom they may have preconceived ideas, in a new and engaging way.

All are invited to attend this FREE concert at the Princeton Shopping Center Courtyard, 301 North Harrison Street, Princeton.

Friday, August 7