Hundreds of people devote thousands of hours each year, making our quality programming possible. Fill out the appropriate form below today and become part of our team! From working in a studio with students, to lending a hand at a community event, to answering phones, there are endless ways you can get involved.

Once you’ve submitted an application, you will be placed on our email distribution list and receive an email about opportunities as they arise. 

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Student Volunteer

The Arts Council is a popular destination for local students looking to volunteer or gain community service hours! Teens must be at least 14 years old to volunteer. Tasks that may be assigned on any given day could be, but not limited to classroom assistance, studio organization, card-making, research, flyering, and more.

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Adult Volunteer

Volunteers make our work possible! Responsibilities include front desk greeting and answering phone calls, assistance at community events, occasional office administration, flyering, and more.

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Applications are closed.

Congratulations to our Presidential Service Awardees

Presidential Service Awards is a program led by the AmeriCorps and managed in partnership with Points of Light that allows certifying organizations to recognize their most exceptional volunteers. The Arts Council of Princeton is a certified organization and periodically awards qualified volunteers. The eligibility requirements and more information on this program can be found here.

Recipients of Presidential Volunteer Service Award through the Arts Council of Princeton: 

Farah E Ardehali, BRONZE, Young adult 

James Bertrand, GOLD, Teen 

Harun Bilici, GOLD, Teen 

Leila Campbell, GOLD, Teen 

Lorin Cho, GOLD, Young adult 

Alexa- Jordan Cirillo, BRONZE, Young adult (2021 & 2022) 

Joanne Costanza, SILVER, Adult (2022 & 2023) 

Mei X de Laperouse, BRONZE, Young adult 

Sarah Eagan, SILVER, Teen 

Hellen Estrada, BRONZE, Teen 

Eesha Gadde, GOLD, Teen 

Adrianne Gonzales, GOLD, Teen 

Lillian Gonzalez, BRONZE, Young adult 

Carina He, GOLD, Teen 

Samantha Henderson, Gold, Teen 

Arianna Huang, GOLD, Teen 

Vihaan Jain, GOLD, Teen 

Pujita Kalinadhabotla, GOLD, Teen 

Eshna Kamani, BRONZE, Young adult 

Nishi Kamani, SILVER, Teen 

Evangeline Kavookjian, GOLD, Teen 

Maggie Kruse, Gold, Teen 

Charlotte Lee, GOLD, Teen 

Abigail Leonardi, GOLD, Teen 

Claire Liu, SILVER, Teen 

Isabel C. Lu, GOld, Teen 

Oriana Marcano, GOLD, Teen 

Oriana Marcano, GOLD, Teen 

Avery Merse, SILVER, Teen 

Anastasia Morozov, GOLD, Teen 

Holland McKillip – Murphy, SILVER, Teen 

Ashiya Patel, BRONZE, young adult 

Anika Prince, GOLD, Teen 

Lillian Raphael, GOLD, Teen 

Lyla Shaver, SILVER, Teen 

Ria Sheth, GOLD, Teen 

Daniel Spitkovsky, GOLD, Teen 

Victoria Sushchenko, GOLD, Teen 

Milo Tsai, GOLD, Teen 

Sophie Wang, SILVER, Teen 

Amelie Welch, SILVER, Teen 

Jace Zahn, BRONZE, Young adult 

Kyle Zhao, GOLD, Teen