Preschool Workbook

The dream of this workbook was born out of a difficult and tumultuous time – COVID-19. While in-person schooling was made impossible, especially for children and preschoolers, we turned to “alternative” methods for sharing information and inspiration.

The purpose in creating this workbook is to introduce visual arts, artists, terms, materials, and techniques to preschoolers. The lessons in this book have been crafted around our belief that a diversity of makers helps to shape a community, expand one’s worldview, and provide an enjoyable and equitable art-making experience.

preschool 2

Though Modern artists are represented in this book, we have also turned our eyes and minds to the importance of Contemporary artists and ideas by highlighting prominent – though lesser known – practicing artists. While books are not new devices for delivering such lessons, having the time to put one together was new for us – and a welcome opportunity.

Some of the lessons herein have been in use in the classrooms at Princeton Nursery School, with whom we have a longstanding partnership. Each lesson includes a materials list, prep requirements, and a hyperlink to more information about each artist highlighted in this book.

The ultimate goal of this workbook is to afford students a chance to find their own voice and way of expression. These lessons allow us to teach students how to look at, make, and talk about art.

We hope that it will inspire teachers to bring these opportunities for expression into their classrooms.