Capital & Endowment Giving

We are grateful to the many, many donors who so generously contributed over $8 million to expand and renovate our Paul Robeson Center for the Arts, which opened in June 2008. Since that time we have been able to more than double our program offerings for our surrounding communities.

To discuss your giving, endowed gifts, or planned giving, please contact Adam Welch by clicking here. We would be delighted to work with you on gifts to honor family, friends or mentors. We’re happy to discuss stock transfers or payment plans, too. Let’s get creative in funding the arts!

capital endowment giving

Thank you for your generous support.

Capital Endowment Building

Burn the Mortgage is a short-term fundraising initiative with the goal of retiring our $1.9 million construction loan. We’re almost there! Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous Guardian Angel in early 2012, we received $750,000 towards this effort (in addition to over $500,000 already raised). We’ve only got $750,000 left to match to permanently retire this debt. Each month we pay $14,000 towards the construction loan. Once this debt is retired, we will have the benefit of directing this money towards program expansion. We can hardly wait! Please help us with our debt relief and program expansion plans by making a gift to Burn the Mortgage.

The ACP Endowment Fund exists to help us attain financial security. Your gift will enable us to continue to bridge the gap from our current capital fundraising, which meets our short-term needs, to long-term planning, which has obvious benefits. 5 in 5, our current capital campaign, was launched in 2009, with a goal of raising $5 million in 5 years. We’ve raised over $2.5 million so far, with $400,000 being dedicated to endowment. We’d be delighted to speak with you about a gift to our endowment.