The ACP’s Bee Banner Project beautifies the construction fence on Witherspoon Street and Franklin Avenue at the site of the former Princeton Hospital.

The banner artwork was conceived and directed by ACP Artistic Director Maria Evans and created by students from two of the ACP’s ArtReach programs: Creative Fridays with Princeton Young Achievers and the art classes held at Princeton Nursery School. These long-running programs are taught by ACP art instructors Libby Ramage, Susan Hoenig, and Ruthann Perry. This public art piece has engaged the students in a project that contributes to a sense of community, builds self-esteem, teaches valuable group participation skills, and provides a vehicle for neighborhood and community participation.

The Bee Banner depicts whimsical blue honey bees at work constructing and deconstructing hives and gathering nectar from flowers. After spending time with ACP instructors discussing and looking at bees, each student created his/her own bee(s) and flowers to create a lively banner that covers the expanse of the former hospital site fence. The over 1000′ long banner begins on Witherspoon St. and turns the corner to continue up Franklin Ave.

Bee Banner