Arts Vision Award
avaIn 2005, at the Dining by Design fall gala, the Arts Council of Princeton honored founding director Anne Reeves for her vision in establishing the Arts Council of Princeton’s downtown arts center at the corner of Paul Robeson Place and Witherspoon Street. This inspired the ACP Board of Trustees to establish an institutionalized award. The Arts Vision Award was created to honor an individual who has shown exceptional leadership and vision for the arts in the Princeton community and has helped the Arts Council advance its mission of Building Community Through the Arts.

Inspired by the geometry of Michael Graves’ design for the ACP’s Paul Robeson Center, the Arts Vision Award was designed by the late Mark Zaininger, Princeton architect and engineer. Zaininger designed the award as a combination of basic shapes: square, circle and triangle, to symbolize the building blocks of creative inspiration.

Recipients of the Arts Vision Award:

Dr. Shirley Tilghman
The inaugural award was bestowed upon Princeton University President Shirley Tilghman at Dining by Design in fall 2006. The event took place on the Princeton campus at the Carl Icahn Laboratory. Dr. Tilghman was honored for demonstrating exceptional leadership in promoting the arts in Princeton, exemplified by the ambitious Princeton University Arts Initiative she unveiled in January 2006. This initiative included plans for substantially increased support for creative and performing arts and the establishment of an “Arts Neighborhood” for the greater Princeton community.

Michael Graves
The second Arts Vision Award was presented to architect Michael Graves at Dining by Design in fall 2007. The Princeton based, internationally acclaimed architect was recognized for his significant contributions to the Princeton community, exemplified by his bold design of the Arts Council’s Paul Robeson Center for the Arts.

Judith and William Scheide
Without a doubt, Judy and Bill Scheide are among the most generous and visionary major supporters of the arts and culture in Princeton. They received the Arts Vision Award at the ACP’s Annual Membership Meeting in June 2009 for their exuberant advocacy of the arts which illuminates every corner of our community.

Wendy Mager
The 2010 Arts Vision Award was presented to Wendy Mager for her outstanding generosity to and leadership of the Arts Council and the Princeton community. Ms. Mager, an attorney with the firm Smith Stratton, served as an ACP trustee from 1996 to 2009 and served as the president of the Arts Council for two consecutive terms, steering the organization through the approval, fundraising, and building phases leading to the opening of the ACP’s Paul Robeson Center for the Arts in June 2008.

Peter Bienstock
A consistent and devoted supporter of the arts in our community, Peter Bienstock received the Arts Vision Award at the ACP’s Annual Membership Meeting in June 2011. Mr. Bienstock served as co-chair of the ACP’s Capital Campaign and as an ACP trustee during the development and completion of the campaign to build the Paul Robeson Center. Both his leadership and personal generosity helped ensure that the Arts Council met its fundraising goals, and he inspired numerous other trustees and donors to whole-heartedly support the ACP’s efforts to build the Paul Robeson Center for the benefit of the entire community.