As the community’s non-profit arts organization, the Arts Council of Princeton’s response to the pandemic was the truest realization of our mission of “Building Community through the Arts.” Prompted by the challenges of lockdown, we considered why we do what we do. Our answer: art heals, art inspires, and art comforts.

Humans Need Art.
 The human need for creativity and connection has never been more apparent. An increased focus on delivering outreach programs to those who need it most remains our priority — low-income children, seniors in public housing, at-home caregivers, and LGBTQ+ teens are just some of the groups asking for more opportunities for creativity, beauty, and self-expression.  

Creative exploration opens doors for those in need of a sense of place. We are asking you to consider the value of art and creativity in your own life, and then consider how a gift to the Arts Council of Princeton will ensure that art continues to have a profound impact within our community. Your support for community arts has never been more critical than it is now. Thank you in advance for recognizing the power of art to create change.

“I knew what COVID would mean for me: extreme isolation due to [a pre-existing condition]. This online class has been a lifeline. You have no idea how much I look forward to our Monday class and how exciting it is to create art in the company of others…Thanks to all of you who make this possible.”

– Theresa Smith, an Invitation to Creativity student (a pay-what-you-can class)