Monday June 12, 2017

CANCELLED: Batik Flower Painting Workshop


Workshop takes place three consecutive evenings 6/12, 6/13 and 6/14 Monday to Weds. Using wax as a resist in dyeing cloth is an ancient art and can be done simply (waxing and dyeing) or done with a more complex result in mind. This class with Master Fiber Artist Lian Sawires will explore planning, waxing, dyeing and repeating the process to produce complex, multi-layer artwork, rich in color and visual texture. We will use a flower design (mine or one of yours) to guide you through developing the understanding and techniques to create wonderful colorful batiks.
Over 3 evenings you will develop and produce one painting, 2 scarves, as well as a few samples pieces, gaining lots of technique with waxing (including crackle, lining, shading and over-waxing) and color theory for over-dyeing. Bring in a photo or drawing of a flower with lots of contrast. and be ready to take your batik work to the next level.

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