Saturday March 21, 2015

Soldered Gemstone Ring

- $95

Participants in this exciting workshop will learn how to take a cabochon stone and create a hand-fabricated “bezel cup” which will then be soldered to a ring band. These techniques are at the very foundation for anyone who is serious about making silver (or even gold) jewelry. Students who took Simple Soldered Pendant will be able to use their new soldering skills to further their knowledge of jewelry making. However, even if you’ve never picked up a torch, you will be able to jump right in and learn these techniques. Students in this workshop will come away with such skills as: annealing metal, cutting; soldering; creating a bezel to fit a stone; sizing and fabricating a ring band; attaching the bezel to the ring band; stone setting; filing, sanding and cleanup of the finished piece; polishing options. All work will be done in silver (pure .999 silver and sterling .925 silver) with a semi-precious stone such as onyx.
Materials fee for the workshop is $60. Kits include silver bezel wire, gemstone cabochon, silver for ring band. Pliers will be sold in class for $15. If you have tools bring them to class.

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