Princeton Together Sheila Bodine

August 20 - October 9

For four or five years, I have been documenting the Princeton community. I have roamed the streets looking for scenes of daily life, and have gone to many special events. Most of the events pictured in this show were presented by the Arts Council! Among the events included in this show are the Halloween Parade, the Bollywood festival, and the Day of the Dead, as well as demonstrations in support of immigrant rights and the need to protect our environment. My hope is that this exhibit shows the wonderful diversity we have in this community and the ways that various groups support each other to both inform and entertain.




My photographs are my visual diary. They record what I see at the time and reflect many of the experiences I have had over my lifetime. Most evident is my interest in people, especially children. Those are the interests which led me to be an elementary and secondary level teacher for most of my professional life. My other interests are Art and Architecture. I have worked both in an Art Gallery and in museums.


Cities provide me with endless opportunities to photograph people in a variety of environments. New York is a short bus ride from my home. Photographing there has led me to explore Urban life in several other countries. I have benefitted from participating in workshops in Paris, Rome, and Normandy (with Valerie Jardin), in Havana (with Doug Kaye), in Milan (with Steve Simon and Ugo Cei).


In addition, I have taken workshops in New York with Steve Simon, Valerie Jardin, Bob Sacha (through National Geographic Expeditions), and at the International Center of Photography with Karen Marshall, Jade Doskow, Richard Rothman, and Anja Hitzenberger.


I have also attended workshops in Miami (with Stella Johnson and Magdalena Sole at Street Photo Miami), in Boston (with Stella Johnson through Leica Academy), and in Rockport, Maine (with Peter Turnley, Karen Marshall, Vincent Versace, Jay Maisel, David Julian, Stella Johnson and Magdalena Sole at Maine Media Workshops).


In addition to attending travel workshops I have benefitted from participating in online workshops with Anja Hitzenberger, Edward Ratliff, Christine Callahan, Kai McBride, and Stefan Frank through Studelmedialive. I have also participated in online workshops with Vneet Vohra Through Miami Street Photography Festival, with Sarah Stolka and Jill Galloway Sherman at Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, with Arlene Collins through Maine Media and with Quinton Gordon through Leica Akademie.


I photograph with the Fuji XT-3, using 16mm,18mm, 23mm, 35mm lenses, and 56mm lenses. I also photograph with Fuji X100v. My post-processing is minimal. I use Lightroom, and D x O plug-ins. My goal is not to change or create the scene but to record it as unobtrusively as possible.

More Exhibitions

Annual Member Show 2021

Each year, the Arts Council welcomes our member artists to submit work to our Member Show. This year, our Taplin Gallery is filled with 114 pieces on view for our community to enjoy, including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, and more. Gallery Hours: Mon-Thurs: 11am-6pm Fri & Sat: 11am-4pm   Opening Reception: Saturday, December 4 | 3-5pm Free and open to the public!

Master Class Artists Exhibit

  The Arts Council of Princeton presents an an exhibition of new paintings and drawings by artists from the Painting and Drawing Master Class instructed by Charles David Viera. This exhibition will be offered in the Lower Gallery and the public is invited to an artists’ reception Saturday, December 4 from 3-5pm. Says Viera “These students are from a special class that the Arts Council is now adding to their regular schedule of classes and is for artists that still appreciate a structured class environment.

Donor Wheel

More than 2,000 donors are acknowledged in this one-of-a-kind sculpture by Joshua Kirsch

Neighborhood Portrait

The Neighborhood Portrait Quilt is part of a permanent exhibition that tells a story of important leaders and residents.