Your Inner Space Ifat Shatzky, Mira DeMartino

October 12 - November 16

Opening Reception:
Saturday, October 12 | 3-5pm

In their artistic work, both Ifat Shatzky and Mira DeMartino explore unlimited layers of human emotions, thoughts, and associations.

Their works, created in completely different mediums, evoke similar reactions of self-reflection on deep, universal emotions. Whether it’s Ifat’s landscape or Mira’s human figure, they all relate to inner space.

Working in different dimensions, Ifat and Mira both choose to leave their pieces raw, unfinished, and organic. They feel that precise definition of a  form leaves the viewer passive. There is an inner space of interpretation and finishing the piece by the viewer, who experiences it exactly the way he or she needs to connect with the message.

Their work also connects through the feminine or Mother Earth imagery, even though elusive at times. Whether it is Ifat’s or Mira’s creation, one can sense that light and elevated imagery adds to the metaphysical feeling that both of the artists thrive to convey to the viewer.

The exhibition of Ifat and Mira’s art in one space will be a powerful and unforgettable event, which will engage viewers to co-create with the artists, and activate their own inner space.

Ifat Shatzky

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