Judith k. brodsky Printmaking studio rentals

Have a project in mind, but not the space? Have the urge to work with a press? Members of the Arts Council of Princeton can book full-day sessions for exclusive use of the Printmaking Studio.

How it works:

  • Renters must be members of the Arts Council of Princeton in good standing at the time of rental.
  • Renters must attend one 30-minute orientation with the Print Studio Manager before renting the studio, scheduled in advance.
  • Renters have exclusive use of the space for up to six hours per session.

Policies and Procedures

Rental access to the Printmaking Studio is in accordance with the posted hours of the Arts Council of Princeton. The studio will be inaccessible when a class, course, workshop, or rental is occupying the studio. Please note that availability is subject to change without notice. In order to access the studio as a Renter, you must be a member of the Arts Council of Princeton in good standing and have completed Studio Orientation with the Studio Manager. To schedule Studio Orientation, email the Print Studio Manager, [email protected]. Renters who access the studio without orientation may be restricted from future facility use.

Street or Paid Parking is available at a variety of locations within walking distance of the Arts Council. Students and Renters are not permitted to park in the Staff lot attached to the building during business hours.

Renters must be a member in good standing of the Arts Council of Princeton. Renters must schedule and pay for studio time prior to arrival, via a non-public link provided at the completion of Studio Orientation. The studio is rented at a daily, six-hour rate of $60/day for individual and exclusive use.

Renters will have access to:

Monotype, intaglio & relief printing

  • 16×32” Stark Co. Etching Press, with felt and neoprene blankets: for monoprint/ monotype, intaglio, relief and collagraph processes; maximum print size 15×22”
  • 24×48” Glass Top Inking Surface, plus 6- 24×24” movable Plexiglas inking surfaces
  • 18×24” Paper Soaking Vat, and blotting towels
  • 30” Press Runners for Mounted Relief Blocks
  • 12×18” Tympan for Relief Printing

Screen Printing

  • BaseLayr X1620 LED Exposure Unit, maximum screen size 16×20”*
  • 6 – 18×12” Screen Printing Hinge Tables
  • 1 – 24×24” Screen Print Hinge Table
  • Squeegees 6.5” – 14”

*Larger screen exposures available by request; see Services


  • 15’ uninterrupted collapsible counterspace
  • 24×36” Drying Rack
  • Wooden Book Press with 10×17” Platen
  • Newsprint 9×12”, 12×18” and 18×24”
  • Scissors, Blades, Rulers, T-Square, 24” Tear Bar, 24×36” Self-Healing Mat
  • Cleaning Chemicals for low-toxic oil-based and water-based clean-up
  • Room Air Purifier
  • Free Wi-Fi provided by Andrena

A limited number of ink knives, brayers and miscellaneous tools (brushes, chipboard for plate-inking, tarlatan and phone book pages for plate wiping; reusable and disposable nitril gloves) are available.

Any materials, tools and supplies stored in the Printmaking Studio are property of the Printmaking Studio and should not be removed from the space. The Studio Manager has designated materials, tools and supplies for use in workshops by children and adults. Any workshop materials, tools and supplies removed from the Studio must be returned to the studio.

You are renting the studio space and access to the press only. To our best ability, you will have exclusive use of the space for your rental. Renters should anticipate supplying their own:

  • Apron
  • Inks and Paper
  • Brayers, Ink Knives, Brushes
  • Plates & Blocks
  • Paper Towels
  • Any other material specific to your work

Limited on-site storage is available for long-term renters, at the determination of the Studio Manager.

For general questions and to schedule a rental, please contact: Printmaking Studio Manager ([email protected]).


The Arts Council of Princeton offers Technical Assistance by the hour. Students, renters, instructors, and staff can schedule one-on-one or small group (up to three artists) private lessons to begin a project, learn a new technique, and seek technical advice and assistance on a project with our Studio Manager.

We offer Technical Assistance in:

  • Intaglio (Etching, Drypoint, Collagraph, Mezzotint, Alternative Plates)
  • Relief (Woodcut and Linoleum, Alternative Plates)
  • Screen Printing
  • Monoprint/Monotype
  • Book Arts, Book Binding
  • Papermaking

Technical Assistance is available to individual Renters at a fee of $60/hour, which includes studio rental and must be purchased in a minimum of two hours. Small Groups (up to three artists) receive technical assistance at a fee of $100/hour, which includes studio rental and must be purchased in a minimum of two hours. Materials provided by the Print Studio required for Technical Assistance may incur additional costs.

Please review our Printmaking Studio Handbook for more information on what to expect when you rent the Printmaking Studio. For more information, contact our Studio Manager.

The Arts Council of Princeton offers contract printing. Interested artists can facilitate the printing of fine art editions with our staff of printmakers. Fees are based on individual projects; for more information, contact our Studio Manager.

We offer Contract Printing and Edition Printing in:

  • Intaglio (Etching, Drypoint, Collagraph, Mezzotint)
  • Relief (Woodcut and Linoleum, Alternative Plates)
  • Screen Printing
  • Papermaking, Book Art/Book Binding available by request

Artists who work in screen print processes can now choose to have their screens made at The Arts Council of Princeton. Via a drop-off appointment, we will coat your screens, expose your provided stencils, and prepare your screen for printing. Maximum screen size 24×36”. Please allow for up to a seven-day turnaround.

Do not have a screen? We’ll provide one for you with your images ready to print. Please allow for up to a 14-day turnaround, as an appropriately sized screen may need to be ordered.

Fees are based on screen size and screen availability. For more information, contact our Studio Manager.