Cows in our Town

new cows

Cows in Our Town was an udderly exciting public art collaboration created by the Arts Council of Princeton and McCarter Theatre Center. Twenty cows were designed by diverse local artists and placed in popular locations around Princeton.

Why the cow?
The Cows in Our Town project celebrated the McCarter production of Stones in His Pockets, where the cow plays a special role.

Who were the artists?
Participating Cows in Our Town artists included:

  • Aja Washington
  • Andre Veloux
  • Andres Duque
  • Ann Marie Miller
  • ArtsExchange students
  • Barbara DiLorenzo
  • Ben Colbert
  • Creative Aging students
  • Donna Payton
  • Dressler Smith
  • Leon Rainbow
  • Leticia Acevedo
  • Libby Ramage
  • Lisa Walsh
  • Maria Evans
  • Marlon Davila
  • Piroska Toth
  • Princeton Young Achievers
  • Ruthann Perry
  • Sean Carney

What happened to the cows? After the collaboration was completed, these cows were offered to the public for sale with 50% of the sale price going right back to the artist who created the piece; the remaining 50% was donated to the Urban Mental Health Alliance, as Stones in His Pockets deals with themes of mental health.