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Sketch-In: a non-instructional, social gathering where we get together to work on our books!

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Celebrating the opening of the Sketchbook Library in 2022!

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Announcing the new chapter
of the Princeton Sketchbook Club.


Books are available for order NOW!

Make your mark by filling a 30-page sketchbook to be displayed in our community-wide art library at the Arts Council of Princeton. Beginners, experienced artists, and everyone in between is invited to work in your favorite medium and leave behind your unique voice on the pages as you become part of this exciting collective project.

Everyone in the Club receives the same 8×5” sketchbook, a blank slate to completely customize with your own perspective. At the conclusion of the project, your sketchbook will become part of the library at the Arts Council, on view for the public and fellow sketchers to enjoy.

How to participate:

  • Reserve a sketchbook to be picked up from the Arts Council of Princeton. These 8×5” books are available for $10.

    • Prefer we mail your sketchbook? Domestic shipping is available for an additional $5. International shipping is available for an additional $15.

  • Fill the book’s pages with sketches, doodles, poetry, musings — it’s up to you! The finished product should speak to your individuality and creativity. See the FAQ below for notes about ideal materials.

    • Need inspiration? Want to connect with fellow art lovers in your community? Stay tuned for a lineup of free Sketch-Ins and guided workshops.

  • Return your completed sketchbook to the ACP by the deadline of October 4, 2024.

  • Come by and peruse the other books submitted by your fellow Club members! The Sketchbook Library is free and open to all. An Opening Celebration for the sketchbook library will be held on Friday, November 8 from 5-7pm.

As the project launches, please allow some time for our staff to process your order and prepare your sketchbook. You will receive an email notification when your book is available for pick-up or has been shipped. Kindly do not attempt to pick up your book before receiving this notification.

Sketchbook Club FAQ

Friday, September 6 
Book sales END.

Friday, October 4 | 4pm latest
Books are due! If you’re dropping off in person, this is the last chance to leave your book with the front desk, though we will accept it earlier if you finish beforehand. Please note that the ACP closes at 4pm and no books will be accepted after that time. If you’re returning your book by mail, the same dates and times apply. Please leave sufficient time for the postal service to do its thing!

Friday, November 8 | 5-7pm
Join us for an Opening Celebration to show off your hard work! Keep scrolling to see a shot of 2022’s party. We had a blast. 

Monthly Sketch-Ins
Stay tuned for a schedule of monthly Sketch-Ins, free opportunities to work on your book with your fellow Club members in a casual social setting.

YES! The Princeton Sketchbook is open to everyone, regardless of experience with making art. We welcome beginners and experienced artists to contribute their unique voices to the project. Children are also welcome to participate. All books are accepted into the collection. We do not jury any of the work.

Your book must remain within the original dimensions of 5 x 8” inches. 

Don’t forget that your sketchbook will become part of a collection that will be viewed and handled by the public. If you choose to use art materials that could smudge, like charcoal, please seal or fix the work before you turn in your book. Your book should be durable and be able to withstand normal wear and tear.

We welcome artists in a variety of mediums, but some do work better than others. Tools like graphite, charcoal, and pen do well on the thinner paper, while wetter mediums like watercolor, inks, and paints might warp the pages. We’ve found that using them in moderation still results in a fabulous sketchbook, so try it out and use whatever you’re comfortable with.

Absolutely! Check out some awesome examples of decorated sketchbook covers in the gallery below. Just remember, same advice as above applies. Try to avoid materials like excess charcoal or graphite that will rub off onto viewers’ hands. Or remember to hit it with some fixative before turning your book in.

The Arts Council values, respects, and appreciates that you are contributing your work to the Princeton Sketchbook Club. By agreeing to participate, you still retain ownership of your work. We own the physical sketchbook, but your work is your work. The ACP retains the right to use your artwork to share the project, but will always credit the artist as specified.

This is our favorite question of all! Please share that you are part of the Princeton Sketchbook Club by documenting your progress on your book, finished pages, where your book has traveled to, etc by using the official hashtag – #princetonsketchbookclub and tag the ACP at @artscouncilofprinceton on Instagram. We will share to keep your fellow sketchers inspired and get folks excited about coming to see the library! Just keep in mind that if your IG account is set to “private”, we will not see your posts or be able to share.

Join the Princeton Sketchbook Club.

Celebrating the opening of the Sketchbook Library in 2022!