NJ Fresh by Sofia Schreiber (on view now through June-September 2024)

Sofia was inspired by the vibrancy and variety of fresh fruit abundant in New Jersey in the summertime. She was also thinking about Wayne Thiebaud’s delicious looking paintings and Eric Carle’s equally scrumptious illustrations in one of her favorite children’s books, The Hungry Caterpillar. 

Sofia grew up in Princeton and is an aspiring illustrator and writer studying at Rhode Island School of Design. Her work often documents the natural world through a whimsical and imaginative lens. Last summer, she collaborated with Jen Carson of LiLLiPiES Bakery to illustrate her first children’s book Pie for My Birthday, which is available for purchase at LiLLiPiES and Labyrinth Books. She recommends having a snack on hand when visiting this mural!

Find more of Sofia’s work at sofiaschreiber.com and @sofiaschreib.

Thank you to mural sponsor LiLLiPiES.