Story & Verse is a monthly open mic.

Every month. 
All ages. 
All experience levels. 
All backgrounds.

Share your story, your poetry, or your prose, based on the monthly theme.

Story & Verse provides a warm and welcoming spotlight for both emerging and established artists in our Solley Theater, an intimate space in the heart of Downtown Princeton.


  • Prepare a story, poem, or spoken word piece up to 5 minutes in length and (at least loosely) related to the theme.
  • Arrive by 6:45pm to add your name to the hat. No previous experience or pre-registration necessary.
  • Optional: we will record your piece and upload to the Arts Council’s YouTube channel and social media platforms


  • Take the elevator or stairs to the Solley Theater, located on the top floor of our Paul Robeson Center for the Arts.
  • Optional: participate from your seat with a Micro Story. Read the printed prompt based on the evening’s theme and respond with a super concise story (just a line or two!) that answers the question. Brass Rabbit will read your story at the mic, as time allows.
  • Find a seat and enjoy the performances. We kick off shortly after 7pm. 

upcoming events + themes

  • July 18 – Open Theme (your choice!)
  • August 15 – Whoops!
  • September 19 – …so I asked myself, “why not?”
  • October 17 – And then I realized what was really going on
  • November 21 – Open Theme (your choice!)

We proudly crowd-source our themes! Have an idea for an upcoming month? Shoot us a message.

our host: brass rabbit

Brass Rabbit hosts the monthly Story & Verse open mic.

Brass Rabbit is a US based, data artist and documentary photographer living and working in Trenton, New Jersey. She got her start as a creator in documentary photography capturing the home lives of gang members and other individuals from illicit economies along the United States east coast. Her work focuses on societal expectations and economic inequality by combining photography and data collection. She uses a creative pseudonym to safely connect with the populations that drive much of her work and practice. Learn more.

Funding from the Poetry Foundation helps to make Story & Verse possible.