Tuesday April 28, 2020

A Shared Palette: Artists in Conversation

- Free and Open to the Public!

You spoke, we listened! An artist-driven program for artists to share and present a cohesive body of work, a much-needed conversation focusing on art and not process, an artists’ meeting where the whole point is to interact and be inspired.

The Arts Council of Princeton welcomes the artist community for A Shared Palette: Artists in Conversation. Three area artists will be invited to present their work at each session of this free-of-charge, monthly program.  Our first conversation will feature the work of Madelaine Shellaby, Mollie Murphy, and Ryan Lilienthal.

Selected artists have the option of presenting physical artworks and are also invited to show a larger selection of work digitally. As importantly, they will be asked to speak about their intention. An established member of the artist community will moderate each session. In attendance, we hope to have a strong showing of other, committed artists.

Unlike most other art presentations, we hope to nurture a conversation that includes all artists in attendance. To this end, we encourage the audience members to critically challenge what they see and hear. Ideas matter! The discussion need not focus exclusively on the work of the presenters. If an artist in the audience addresses a similar idea in a different way, we want to know! The most successful artists in this program will be those whose work and ideas engage the group in a lively conversation.

We would like to feature artists who have developed, or are developing, a cohesive body of work. We want to explore what it is that makes a portfolio cohesive. How does one piece in the portfolio inform another? What insights does the artist introduce? How is the artist extending the conversation?

ALL artists are invited to participate in these monthly conversations. ANY artist may apply to be a presenter and signup sheets will be available at the presentation. Our plan is to develop a viable template and get the ball rolling. This is a program for the community, not the steering committee, and other artists will later play a leadership role including curating the presenters and moderating Shared Palette sessions.

Ricardo Barros will spearhead the pilot program as its first moderator. Ricardo is a professional photographer with works in the permanent collections of 11 museums, including the Smithsonian Museum of American Art. His monograph “Facing Sculpture: A Portfolio of Portraits, Sculpture and Related Ideas,” was published in 2004. He co-curated the “2009 New Jersey Biennial” at the New Jersey State Museum. He curated “Stone Sculpture in New Jersey” at Kean University, “Extraordinary Mash-ups,” photographs by Ilya Genin, and “Perseus Slays Medusa: A Greek Myth Retold as Self-Portraits,” photographs by Barbara Warren, both at the Arts Council of Princeton. Ricardo is now also making short, documentary films, many of them featuring artists.

Ricardo will be assisted by Maria Evans, Artistic Director at the Arts Council of Princeton, and will serve as liaison to the ACP. 

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